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What is AskMetric?

AskMetric is an AI-powered tool that provides answers and assistance for a wide range of tasks related to e-commerce platforms. It offers various features such as metrics visualization, keyword searching, and recommendations for product, platform, and ads strategies. With AskMetric, merchants can gain deep insights into their products across different e-commerce platforms, including marketplaces, DTC websites, and social media.

The tool empowers merchants by revealing product metrics, enabling them to track core metrics of their products in real-time, and uncovering competitors’ strategies and changes. AskMetric claims to help merchants make informed decisions and take competitive actions to stay ahead in the market.

Key features of AskMetric:

  • Metrics visualization
  • Keyword searching
  • Recommendations for product, platform, and ads strategies
  • Deep insights into product metrics across e-commerce platforms
  • Real-time tracking of core metrics of followed products
  • Competitor analysis and strategy tracking

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