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Artbreeder is a platform that utilizes AI to offer a variety of tools for creative expression. It enables users to create characters and artwork, as well as to have precise control over images. Artbreeder provides features such as the Mixer, Tuner, and Collage, allowing users to generate images by combining patterns and descriptions. With a community of over 10 million users and a database of 250 million images, Artbreeder is influencing the landscape of creative production.


AI-Powered Tools: A variety of tools powered by AI to assist in creative endeavours.

Mixer: Blend images and text together to create unique combinations.

Tuner: Allows fine-tuned control over image details.

Patterns: Combine a pattern and a description to create a unique image.

Collage: Create images from simple shapes, images, and text.


Inspire Creativity: Unleash your creative ideas and generate unique characters, artworks, and more.

Community: Join a community of over 10M users to share and explore creations.

Extensive Catalogue: Access a database of 250M images, providing ample inspiration.

Potential Use Cases:

Artists: Experiment with new mediums and techniques.

Designers: Generate unique patterns and graphics for projects.

Art Enthusiasts: Create and explore art in an intuitive, AI-assisted manner.

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