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Unlock Your Musical Genius with Amadeus Code Inc.


Amadeus Code Inc, an innovative leader in music technology, aims to empower artists and music enthusiasts worldwide with cutting-edge tools and solutions. Available in both Japanese and English, its offerings include MusicTGA-HR, Evoke Music, Amadeus Topline, and the Power of Song (POS) project – each designed to enhance music creation, distribution, and appreciation.

Key Features

Amadeus Code Inc’s diversified offerings provide the following key features:

  1. MusicTGA-HR: This advanced tool powered by artificial intelligence revolutionizes the music creation process.
    • Creates unique and personalized melodies
    • Aids in producing high-quality music through algorithmic composition
  2. Evoke Music: A platform that enriches content creation with copyright-free music.
    • Offers a vast library of quality, royalty-free tracks
    • Tailored for creators seeking background music for their projects
  3. Amadeus Topline: An app that assists in writing, recording, and sharing music.
    • Facilitates easy recording of song ideas, lyrics, and melodies
    • Enables quick sharing across various platforms
  4. Power of Song Project (POS): A project fostering talent and creativity in music.
    • Offers opportunities for collaboration and learning
    • Showcases new talent and innovative music projects


Utilizing Amadeus Code Inc’s tools presents the following benefits:

  • Accelerated Creativity: AI-enhanced tools stimulate and bring to life your music ideas.
  • Flexibility: It provides versatile tools applicable across many creative fields, from music creation to video production.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interfaces ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Projects like POS promote interaction and collaboration among musicians.

Use Cases

Amadeus Code Inc’s offerings find utility in a broad array of situations:

  1. Music Creation: Musicians, producers or music enthusiasts can utilize MusicTGA-HR and Amadeus Topline to create, fine-tune and share their original music.
    • Composers can use MusicTGA-HR’s algorithmic composition for nuanced melodies.
    • Amadeus Topline allows easy recording of song elements, perfect for capturing sudden sparks of creativity.
  2. Content Creation: Evoke Music offers a rich music library which videographers, podcasters and digital marketers can use to enliven their projects without copyright concerns.
  3. Community Building: The Power of Song project empowers artists to explore collaborative opportunities, forging a resilient global music community.

Amadeus Code Inc, with its pioneering solutions, serves as the ultimate companion for any music enthusiast or creator. Let’s harness the power of technology and creativity to create harmonious symphonies that captivate and inspire.

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