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What is airfocus?

airfocus is a modular product management platform designed to streamline and enhance the product management process. It offers a flexible solution for strategy management, prioritization, roadmap alignment, and team collaboration, catering to the unique needs of product teams and companies.

Key features of the airfocus:

  • Modular Product Management Platform: Tailored to adapt to the unique needs of each product and team.
  • Objectives & OKRs: Built-in tools to supercharge product strategy with Objectives and Key Results.
  • Roadmaps: Features to align teams and set clear directions with visual roadmaps.
  • Prioritization: Tools to prioritize tasks and make informed product decisions confidently.
  • Feedback & Insights: Capabilities to gather customer feedback and derive actionable insights.
  • Portal: A branded portal to engage with users and collect feedback.
  • Integration with Popular Tools: Seamless integration with Jira, Trello, Azure DevOps, and more for streamlined workflows.
  • AI Assist for Product Managers: AI-powered assistance for generating first drafts, user stories, feedback summaries, and more.
  • Enterprise-Ready: High focus on security, privacy, and availability, including SAML SSO, cloud security, and data encryption.

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