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AI Picasso – Dream Art Studio

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What is AI Picasso – Dream Art Studio?

AI Picasso – Dream Art Studio is an Android app that harnesses powerful AI for video generation, offering features such as AI Video, AI Avatar Creation, and AI Image Generation. With the AI Video feature, users can bring images to life by making the people or characters in the image dance. Additionally, the app allows users to create videos depicting the transition from childhood to adulthood or try on different outfits from various eras or countries. The AI Avatar feature crafts enhanced avatars using uploaded photos, providing inspiration for new makeup looks or filter usage.

Furthermore, the app enables easy creation of images by entering text prompts and selecting preferred styles, including unique ‘Irasutoya’ style images and various other styles like fantasy, charcoal, 3D games, cyberpunk, synth, and oil painting. Users can also use the generated images as original wallpapers.



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