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What is AI Excel Bot?

AI Excel Bot is a powerful tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate Excel formulas in seconds. It allows users to write complex formulas using simple text instructions.

With AI Excel Bot, users can easily generate Excel or Google Sheets formulas with simple text prompts, eliminating the need to spend time understanding and writing VBA code. The tool also offers a Chrome Addon, allowing users to access the power of AI without leaving Google Sheets or Excel.

AI Excel Bot offers both free and pro versions, with the pro version providing unlimited access to formula generation, VBA code generation, and task explanations. It also includes priority support for users.

Overall, AI Excel Bot is a valuable tool for anyone who works with Excel or Google Sheets and wants to streamline their formula writing process.

Key features of AI Excel Bot include:

  • Generate complex formulas using simple text instructions
  • Understand complex formulas with the help of AI
  • VBA code support and explanation
  • Chrome Addon for seamless integration with Google Sheets and Excel
  • Simple pricing options, including a free version with limited access and a pro version with unlimited access and priority support

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