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AI Art Generator – AI Yearbook

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What is AI Art Generator – AI Yearbook?

AI Art Generator – AI Yearbook is an Android app that allows users to create unique AI-generated images in various styles. It offers several key features:

Users can generate stunning artworks by entering textual descriptions like “cat in a suit,” “movie characters,” or imaginative ideas. The AI technology turns these descriptions into remarkable visual art in seconds, generating pictures matching the provided text. Additionally, users can upload their own photos, which the app transforms into artistic renditions across thousands of styles, from realistic to anime-inspired. The app enables creating personalized AI avatars, face swapping to blend photos with classic 90s yearbook portraits or cyberpunk styles, and exploring diverse art styles like 3D rendering, sketching, and more. It provides artistic inspiration and allows users to share their AI-generated artworks on social media.



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